Gifts for Women: Fashionable Party Wear Dresses for Women

For a girl the biggest nightmare is having to go through her wardrobe of 100+ clothes only to find she has nothing to wear! With numerous occasions springing up like birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, boss’s birthday, graduation party, “100 likes on a Facebook photo” party, “crush responded to your facebook request” party- girls don’t need a reason to celebrate literally every occasion in life!

These are a few styles of party dresses every girl needs to have in her wardrobe:

Fashionable Party Wear Dresses for Women

Shop for Womens Halter Dress
This dress will literally halt the party when you arrive in an ethereal halter dress. This dress is perfect for those evening parties which demand sophistication. Wear this number for a fancy dinner you host or maybe a fancy dinner you attend. You won’t go wrong with it. The best thing about this dress is that you need not worry about your weight as you can go for a flowing halter dress to cover those flabby abs. And if you’ve been hitting the gym regularly then go in for a shorter version of this dress. Complete the look with elegant jewellery like light bracelets or delicate necklaces. If you want a more statement look then go for long hanging earrings with your hair tied up. This look will surely get you oodles of attention.

Shirt Dresses & T-Shirt Dresses for Women
This dress is perfect for those afternoon luncheons with your sweetheart and casual coffee dates with your gang of girls. With runway models promoting this look across leading Fashion Shows this look is cool, stylish yet trendy. It’s a must have for every girl as it provides a good last minute option if nothing else works and is a low maintenance look. Just pair your shirt dress with a belt (if it doesn’t already come with one) or a scarf, throw in some fun jewelry and you’re good to dominate the scene.

The Evening Gown for Women
This is more of a regal dress for those unique occasions where you want to look your best and you are the star of the show! Maybe it’s your anniversary or a house warming party with all the neighbors come bearing gifts, or maybe your company’s annual ball, this dress will surely serve the purpose well. The look is best completed with high pumps in a contrasting colour with a statement necklace or statement earrings. Go ahead and experiment with different styles that compliment your figure, the gown can be form fitting or it can flow royally.Give yourself the princess look you’ve always wanted complete with a Dutch braid!

A Line Dress for Women
This is another beautiful style that can be worn both in the evening as well as for morning events. It’s perfect for those little unannounced events that don’t demand you to dress over the top. The look is perfect for small parties and intimate gatherings. You can even wear it for meetings with important clients. It’s a sophisticated look that is easy to carry throughout the day. Another variation to this style is a Peplum Dress which adds a dash of sophistication to the look if the event demands.

Shop For The Best Western Ttyle Latest Slip Dresses
This dress is perfect for casual parties at a club or disco where you’re just looking to relax and have a fun time with friends and let your hair down. It’s a low maintenance look that brings out oomph and the right amount of casual that you’re looking for. Pair it with flats or heels according to your mood and let this dress accentuate your body and bring out the party fever! No matter what the occasion, a girl should always be prepared and if you have a variant of each of these dresses you’ll never feel short of clothes!

Dress is best option for gift to woman. As i mentioned in my previous post, this is one of the best gift idea for your sister also. So, don't be hesitate to buy dress as a gift and share happiness in relation.


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